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  • Hemiplegia means paralysis of half of the body.
  • 'Hemi' means 'half' in Greek.
  • One of the hemispheres of the brain has been damaged, usually before, during or soon after birth.
  • Hemiplegia is as a result of a bleed in the brain; however the origin of the bleed is unknown.
  • Childhood hemiplegia is a relatively common condition; affecting 1 in 1000 children has a degree of hemiplegia.

Fact sheets

Training / Help

Further support and advice can be obtained from:

  • Newbridge Outreach Service
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • SERC


Screenshot for video: Tomcat adapted trikes

Tomcat adapted trikes

Tomcat Trikes in action

Screenshot for video: Colours Wheelchair Hip Hop Dance Crew

Colours Wheelchair Hip Hop Dance Crew

This is a cool video- show it to all students whether or not they use a wheelchair.

Screenshot for video: How to tie your shoelaces

How to tie your shoelaces

How to tie your shoelaces when you have limited use of one hand.

Learning Aids

KNORK- Knife and fork combination

KNORK- Knife and fork combination

Available from: KNORK- Knife and fork combination

Designed as a combination knife and fork Flat section between handle and head for good finger pressure Left or right handed use or single handed use Retail packaging Ideal for camping


Stickman Communication

Stickman Communication

Stickman Communications create brilliantly simple cards to help communicate a variety of conditions/ disabilities. They currently cover; * ASD * Sensory overload * Allergies  * Medical conditions  * Bowel and bladder conditions * Hypermobility and EDS * Migraine * Seizures * POTS /SVT * Visual impairment * Mental Health *…
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am teaching a Student with Hemiplegia - who do I need to consider?
    • Encourage pupil to use weaker side in activities, sports and play.
    • Monitor posture- position pupil to face the teacher/ whiteboard.
    • Minimise distraction– position away from door/ aisle.
    • Sit squarely with weaker arm on the table.
    • Sit with feet flat to support posture.
    • Use dycem matting / blu-tac to stop papers, books sliding on table topLoose paper maybe easier than exercise books.
    • Supporting staff member should sit alongside not in front of.
    • Provide squared paper in Maths—easier to line up columns.
  • Can a student with Hemiplegia have difficulties with visual perception?

    Difficulties with Visual Perceptual skills is a relatively common difficulty associated with Hemiplegia.

    Hemihelp have produced a very helpful leaflet that is free to download.

    Follow the link and under the 'Associated problems' section you will find a leaflet titled ' What you see- Visual perceptual difficutlies in hemiplegia'.

Family Resources

Whizz Kids


Whizz-Kidz is a charity aiming to provide disabled children and young customised mobility equipment, training, advice and life skills.

This Charity provides equipment to children that is not available on the NHS. They also run Wheelchair training courses/ Mobility centres in Dagenham and Havering.

Contact a family


A UK wide charity providing advice, information and support to parents of all disabled children.