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Cri du Chat Syndrome


Cri du Chat Syndrome ('Cry of the cat' in French) is a genetic disorder caused by the loss or misplacement of genetic material from the fifth chromosome.

The syndrome was named after the sound that many of the babies and young children make when crying.


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    Training / Help

    SEaTSS can support students with this condition.

    To refer to SEATSS please use this link:


    Screenshot for video: Cri du Chat Syndrome

    Cri du Chat Syndrome

    Cri du Chat awareness video

    Screenshot for video: Cri du Chat Syndrome

    Cri du Chat Syndrome

    A general awareness syndrome

    Learning Aids

    Free Interactive Timetable

    Available from: Free Interactive Timetable

    Produced by the Down's Syndrome Association, this program can be downloaded and used to easily produce timetables with pictorial clues for young children and those with more complex difficulties. These timetables are great for sequencing simple events to aid memory…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the educational implications for students who have Cri du Chat?
      • The student may need help with mobility
      • Provide access to fine and gross motor programmes to support coordination difficulties
      • Support dressing and care needs
      • The student may need help with eating and ensure food is cut into small pieces to ensure easier digestion
      • Most students have problems with excessive dribbling - this often requires frequent changes of clothes
      • Provide access to Makaton, symbols, visual timetables
      • Expressive skils are often delayed in comparison to comprehension.
    • What are the observable characteristics of Cri du Chat?
      • Varied levels of physical and mental disability.
      • At birth most CDC babies are small and through childhood and adolescence children tend to be lighter and shorter than the majority of children of the same age.
      • Most CDC children have problems with excessive dribbling.
      • Feeding difficulties in infancy are common, often due to poor muscle tone.
      • Speech delay can be one of the most common characteristics of the syndrome.
      • Most CDC children experience problems in motor coordination - both gross and fine motor skills

    Family Resources

    Cri du Chat Syndrome

    0845 0942725.
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Great succinct advice relating to;

    • Physical features
    • Motor difficulties
    • Washing, dressing and toiletting
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Behaviour difficulties
    • Communication
    • Dribbling
    • Daily living skills

    You can obtain from the site

    • Parents Handbook
    • Behaviour DVD

    There is also an up to date forum where you can post or read others questions and comments.

    Contact a family


    A UK wide charity providing advice, information and support to parents of all disabled children.