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  • 'Dyslexia' comes from the Greek term meaning 'difficulty' and lexis meaning 'language'.
  • Dyslexia is a learning difference to do with the way language is processed.
  • Dyslexic pupils are slower at processing auditory and visual information.
  • A student's phonology can be different, causing sounds being missed or confused, which leads to problems with reading and writing.
  • Dyslexia can create the ability to think in multi- dimensions.
  • Dyslexia can affect motor skills and the processing, memorising and organisation of information.

Fact sheets

Training / Help

Contact the following services for further help and support:

  • Hatton Outreach
  • S.E.R.C for advice
  • Educational Pyschology


Screenshot for video: Dyslexia - Co-occurring conditions - webinar very useful for CPD

Dyslexia - Co-occurring conditions - webinar very useful for CPD

In this webinar, Glenys Heap, Dyslexia Action's Director of CPD discusses the key issues related to learning difficulties frequently co-occurring with dyslexia such as dyspraxia, ADHD, etc.

Screenshot for video: Dyslexia- How the brain works- a simple demonstration - ideal for CPD

Dyslexia- How the brain works- a simple demonstration - ideal for CPD

A very simple visual demonstration - ideal for CPD  Only runs for 4 mins

Screenshot for video: Dyslexia- Kara Tointon

Dyslexia- Kara Tointon

You can watch all the parts of the Kara Tointon Documentary ' Don't call me stupid!' on You Tube or BBC iplayer. Highly recommended and very informative.

Lesson Resources

Top App’s to support Dyslexia and Literacy Acquisition

Here is a current list of app's we recommend to support students who have Dyslexia and difficulty with literacy acquisition.

Learning Aids

Playing card holder

Playing card holder

Available from: Card holder

Make holding cards easy for little hands with our Circular Card Holders. Spring-loaded rotating wheels make card insertion easy. Once loaded with a card stack, rotate the wheel and the cards fan out. Ideal for any card activity.  Also…


Stickman Communication

Stickman Communication

Stickman Communications create brilliantly simple cards to help communicate a variety of conditions/ disabilities. They currently cover; * ASD * Sensory overload * Allergies  * Medical conditions  * Bowel and bladder conditions * Hypermobility and EDS * Migraine * Seizures * POTS /SVT * Visual impairment * Mental Health *…
Full Size image


Frequently Asked Questions

Family Resources

Dyslexia- Local support

020 7391 2030
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Dyslexia Action has centres to provide support around the UK.

The nearest centres to Redbridge LEA are

  • London
  • Chelmsford

SNAP Essex Charity

01277 211300
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

SNAP charity is based in Essex. They have a really comprehensive resource library - books, toys, computer items. 

If you contact them, they will send you a directory of items they have in stock.



DANDA – the Developmental Adult Neuro-Diversity Association has been set up for people with Dyspraxia, Asperger’s Syndrome, AD(H)D and other related conditions such as dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Outreach Services

Hatton Outreach Service

020 8551 4131
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This specialist outreach support and consultancy service provides support for individual pupils in mainstream primary schools.

The outreach service works with pupils who have a range of significant language, social and learning needs.

Some pupils may have a statement of special educational needs, while others will have significant needs and working at school action plus.

Occupational Therapy

020 8924 6111

The Occupational Therapy Team are now based at Redbridge Child Development Centre (0 -19yrs), previously known as The Kenwood Centre in Barkingside.


0208 503 8773
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Age range of pupils they support: 4- 19 yrs

Students they support:

  • SERC completes individual assessments for pupils who have complex needs or specific physical disability ( see SERC criteria form on home page)
  • SERC are happy to offer wider advice to support whole school SEN Inclusive ICT provision.
  • Training and support is free to all Redbridge Schools.

Range of support offered:

  • This centre based at Newbridge School, provides advice and support in the use of Information Technology with pupils who have special educational needs or a physical/ sensory disability.
  • S.E.R.C provides individual assessments of ICT needs of individual needs of pupils with SEN, in both mainstream and special schools.
  • Training for teachers and support staff who work with pupils with SEN.
  • Support and advice to parents/ carers of children who have SEN.

Address:                         S.E.R.C, Newbridge School, 258 Barley Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG38XS