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Jawaab Abdi- Omar- Motivational speaker who has Cererbral Palsy

February 9th, 2018   1788

Abdi Omar, a British Somali in north London who is carving out a path as a vlogger and motivational speaker.

At school, he was the only disabled person in his class. However, he always remembered the words his dad offered him: ‘You can’t outrun a non-disabled person, but you can outsmart them.’

Imbued by this adage, Abdi made every effort to connect with his classmates to show that he was no different when it came to learning. By age 16, he was able to fully communicate with those around him thanks to the latest technology.

These days, Abdi uses his life story as the basis for motivational talks aimed at young people. He’s recently started speaking at schools, where he encourages kids to pursue their goals no matter the obstacles that stand in their way.