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Do 2 learn - language resources/ symbols/ visual timetable

Learning Aids

Do 2 learn is a great website with lots of resources in several areas. This link takes you to the language resources including functional communication, articulation, expressive, receptive, position, sequence, and …

Big Mack Switch

Learning Aids

Record a repeated phrase from a story or song for a child to play back at the right time. Ideal as a simple introduction to sound recording technology. Simply press …

Richard Hirstwood’s overview of communication app’s


Screenshot of video: Richard Hirstwood’s overview of communication app’s

This is a 5 minute overview demonstrating some of the communication apps for the iPod touch, phone and iPad.

Boardmaker- lots of free visual resources

Learning Aids

Even if you don't use Boardmaker- take a look at this website as there are lots of simple free visual resources to provide pupils with Christmas resources.



Screenshot of video: Proloquo2Go

A short overview of how to use Proloquo2Go on the ipad.

Tobii Eye Gaze - control a computer with your eyes

Learning Aids

For many people who have difficulty physically using a computer, eye gaze technology can offer a quick and easy to understand way of accessing your favourite software.

Speaking of speech

External Resources

Speaking of is an interactive forum for speech/language pathologists and teachers to improve communication skills in our schools by: exchanging ideas, techniques, materials, and lessons that …

How to use iPads to communicate


Screenshot of video: How to use iPads to communicate

Students with special needs are using iPads, equipped with software called Proloquo2go, to communicate with their teachers and boost learning.

GRACE communication app picture exchange

Learning Aids

Grace App is a non-speaking, simple picture exchange system developed for people with Autism to communicate  Currently priced at £17.99 so an affordable way to trial symbol exchange on …