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Do 2 learn - language resources/ symbols/ visual timetable

Learning Aids

Do 2 learn is a great website with lots of resources in several areas. This link takes you to the language resources including functional communication, articulation, expressive, receptive, position, sequence, and …

Two Switches to Success Handout by Linda Burkhart

External Resources

Two Switches to Success Handout by Linda Burkhart This handout describes the stepping stones needed to ensure a good understanding of switch access. You can also download a really helpful …

Richard Hirstwood’s overview of communication app’s


Screenshot of video: Richard Hirstwood’s overview of communication app’s

This is a 5 minute overview demonstrating some of the communication apps for the iPod touch, phone and iPad.

Big Mack Switch

Learning Aids

Record a repeated phrase from a story or song for a child to play back at the right time. Ideal as a simple introduction to sound recording technology. Simply press …



Screenshot of video: Proloquo2Go

A short overview of how to use Proloquo2Go on the ipad.

Boardmaker- lots of free visual resources

Learning Aids

Even if you don't use Boardmaker- take a look at this website as there are lots of simple free visual resources to provide pupils with Christmas resources.

Tobii Eye Gaze - control a computer with your eyes

Learning Aids

For many people who have difficulty physically using a computer, eye gaze technology can offer a quick and easy to understand way of accessing your favourite software.