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CPD materials prepared by Matt Grant

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Matt Grant has a great website HumansNotRobots which is well worth a look. Under the resource section there are Powerpoints/ handouts/ notes etc- if you are planning CPD sessions it …

The Animal School by George H Reavis

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Take a look - would be a great start to an Inclusion Inset.

CPD Video- Dyslexia support

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Lee Pascal, author and teacher, has been studying dyslexia for over 35 years. In this engaging and light-hearted workshop for TAs, he tackles the serious subject of dyslexia and offers real …

Teaching Dyslexic Pupils - video link and information

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A great overview, and video supports recommendations well. Useful for an Inset session.

Helen Arkell- Free online dyslexia training - a range of different formats

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Here you will fiind a range of information and some short Webcasts (14 mins)  Ideal for CPD sessions 

Dyslexia SPLD Trust

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‘Top 5 tips’ gives a link to short videos giving parents advice about useful strategies to support children with reading, spelling, handwriting, memory and organisation