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Early Years Social Skills Activities

External Resources

This website contains some helpful games and activities. Also on this page there are some helpful ideas to support conversation skills 

When I am upset I…...........


Screenshot of video: When I am upset I…...........

This idea was posted on Pininterest in Happy Teacher via Always Learning.

The Greatest Showman - Makaton signing


Screenshot of video: The Greatest Showman - Makaton signing

Newbridge Outreach are currently delivering Disability Awareness Class Lessons and this is proving to be a very popular song and fairly easy for all ages to learn

A range of free Social and Emotional Resources

Learning Aids

Here you will find a range of resources that can be downloaded and used with students to develop their Social/ Emotional Needs. These include; Self esteem Anger management Grief Loss …

Worry Warriorshelp kids- a collection of practical ideas and activities for children with anxiety

External Resources

The Kidlutions website has a great summary of practical, craft, story and download based resources/ideas. Here are some great low level ideas for children who are finding it difficult …

“Worry cards” – Free download card game activity to help kids with ASD deal with anxiety

Learning Aids

Children with ASD’s deal with a lot of anxiety.  Here is a card-based activity to use with individuals and small groups. It’s designed to help …