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Games to develop motor skills 6 packs of ideas to download

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Here you can download packs of recommended games to support motor development.

Visual matching motor activity

External Resources

Here is a simple visual matching motor activity that sounds like great fun.

Hammering & jumping activity


Screenshot of video: Hammering & jumping activity

Here is a simple idea to encourage hand /eye coordination/ two hands working together and larger gross motor skills. I would use a brightly coloured string /washing line to help …

Stacking cup challenge


Screenshot of video: Stacking cup challenge

Watch this video- it is a great way to encourage pupils to learn number bonds/ times tables etc. A good active way of teaching maths skills for pupils who would …

Balance and motor memory activities


Screenshot of video: Balance and motor memory activities  Challenge your balance, coordination, jumping motor planning and motor memory with this homemade activity using duct tape.

A range of gross motor interventions being delivered


Screenshot of video: A range of gross motor interventions being delivered

Here is a therapist working with a range of children to deliver specific gross motor interventions. Useful to watch to see how therapists deliver different activities.

Chair Bingo

Lesson Resources

Here are some game boards for you to use. If you would like the Powerpoint to go with it, please email SERC at