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Visual motor bingo

Lesson Resources

Here are the game boards for Visual Motor Bingo I laminated the boards so they could be reused.

Fine Motor Assessment Developmental Charts Age based

Lesson Resources

Here are developmental based charts dividing fine motor skills into age based norms. Useful to baseline students or for students who are working behind their peers.

Gross Motor Developmental Charts -age based

Lesson Resources

Here you will find a full set of developmental Gross Motor Sheets  Ideally record observable motor skills and you can compare with age to measure developmental progress Useful for …

Chair Bingo

Lesson Resources

Here are some game boards for you to use. If you would like the Powerpoint to go with it, please email SERC at

Crib Sheets

Lesson Resources

Here are some photo graphic prompt sheets to help you remember pencil grips, sitting positions etc

Gross Motor Assessment Pictorial cards - visual aids for Assessment 1-6

Lesson Resources

Here are free visual picture cues to help Students understand the requested position or for Students who are used to using pictorial support. Newbridge Outreach offer free training linked to …