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Box of ideas - how to support students who are finding throwing and catching difficult

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Box of Ideas is a great website for students with Dyspraxia, Dyslexa, ASD  It provides simple support ideas for those students who are struggling.

Eye Hand Coordination and Motor Control Activity


Screenshot of video: Eye Hand Coordination and Motor Control Activity - Round 'Em Up activity. This activity encourages graded control of movements and eye hand coordination

Make your own bowling set- start collecting water bottles in the staff room

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Here is a simple easy set you can make  Everybody walks aorund with a bottle of water- collect the empty bottles and turn it into skittle sets. Make different …

Pop Up laundry basket


Screenshot of video: Pop Up laundry basket

These can be purchased very cheaply now, and would make great portable containers to throw in beanbags /balls etc

Create, Hide and Lace Activity


Screenshot of video: Create, Hide and Lace Activity - Create, Hide and Lace Activity. This is a fun outdoor activity that encourages fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual skills