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Egyptians - Mummy Maker game

Learning Aids

This fun game allows students to take an 'active part' in the process. If you choose the wrong tool - the results can be seen ! An interactive way of reinforcing …

BBC Horrible Histories

Learning Aids

BBC'S Horrible Histories is very popular with children and adults alike. In addition to the TV programmes you can play Horrible History based games which may help reinforce vocabulary /concepts

The Great Fire of London game

Learning Aids

The story is read and animated on this site, students can play games along the way. Visually clear and interesting site

Dress the Knight

Learning Aids

A simple drag and drop game to learn the difficult parts of a Knight's protective clothing.

The Plague - answer questions and fling your teacher !

Learning Aids

This is a fun site.Answer questions on The Plague and see if you can fling your teacher! 

Teacher’s Pet Displays

External Resources

Looking for great visual resources to support different areas of the curriculum in KS1 and KS2 - take a look at this website  In addition to the resources being …

Romans- Build a Roman Mosiac

Learning Aids

This is a simple game that allows students to build a mosiac online. This may be helpful if students find drawing/ craft difficult.

BBC History for kids

Learning Aids

On this site enter ancient worlds, meet famous people and discover fascinating facts by exploring a wide selection of historical games and activities. Very accessible and engaging site.