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Two Switches to Success Handout by Linda Burkhart

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Two Switches to Success Handout by Linda Burkhart This handout describes the stepping stones needed to ensure a good understanding of switch access. You can also download a really helpful …

Examples of IEP targets for pupils working upon switch access.

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Sample IEP goals for using switches for access, written by Linda Burkhart.

Switch Progression Road Map- developmental stages for teaching use of switches

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In 2011, while working for Inclusive Technology, Ian Bean wrote a new switch skills teaching programme, updating many of the ideas in SENSWITCHER to reflect advances in technology …

How to motivate a student to use switches - Ian Bean

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An interesting and honest account of how Ian and School Staff worked together to find a way of motivating a student with complex needs to use a switch to communicate.

Overview of how to use switches

External Resources provides a very clear overview of how to use switches in different settings.