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Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome & Hypermobility


Screenshot of video: Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome & Hypermobility

A 10 year old boy who has Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobile joints.


Family Resources

Sportability is a charity dedicated to people with disabilities. They arrange year-round activities including archery, canoeing, falconry, fishing etc. They cater for people over the age of 12 and only cover …

Hypermobility- free leaflet

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Physiotherapy advice for schools- leaflet to download


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How common is it?

Hypermobility further information

External Resources

Search this site using ‘Hypermobility’, you can download a free information booklet and there is specific information booklet for Teenagers.

Hypermobility- pupils help themselves

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How can students help themselves?

The Hypermobility Syndrome Association

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The videos providing great advice for PE lessons Kids and teens section Research and recommendations

Hypermobility- pain

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Does Hypermobility cause pain?

Hypermobility- help

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help a pupil who has Hypermobility?