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Healthy Hands KS 3 - Week 1

Lesson Resources

Here are the resources you will need to teach WK 1 of Healthy Hands KS3 programme. If you require further help and support please contact us at Newbridge Outreach. We provide …

MFL games and activities

Learning Aids

Hertfordshire grid for learning have a whole range of games, resources and activities free to download. Look in the following sections; Classroom resources- free Primary resources review- would be suitable …

Speech Mark Sandwich

Learning Aids

This is a really fun idea contributed by Kelly Ryan on the Take 2 mins to read this idea- this could translate very visually and may help …

Literacy Shed- Inspiring site to motivate writers- wonderful visuals

Learning Aids

The Literacy Shed is a wonderful resource for all KS1, K2 and lower end KS3. The Literacy Shed is home to a wealth of visual resources that have collected over …


Learning Aids

This is a highly structured multi-sensory reading and spelling program for parents and teachers. This programme is used in many Redbridge LEA Schools and also by parents are home.

Healthy Hands KS 3 - Homework

Lesson Resources

Here you will find the resources you will need to provide homework activities for wk 1- 6 of Healthy Hands KS 3 Programme. If you require further help and support please contact …

Teen issues

External Resources

A website designed for teenagers to discuss the issues they face. Advice and information on a wide range of issues teenagers will require support in.