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The British Council- Learn English site

Learning Aids

LearnEnglish Kids has lots of free online games,songs, stories and activities for children to have fun and learn English too. It is a really …

Comprehension activities

Learning Aids

Adrian Bruce has a great website. This link takes you to some great comprehension resources. A long list of questions to prompt and develop comprehension. Reciprocal prompt cards ( scroll down, …

ICT games - A large collection of online games to reinforce Literacy Skills

External Resources

This website comes highly recommended as it is clearly outlined under key skills and school year groups. Great resource in school or to give to parents for overlearning/ reinforcement of …

Angry verbs

Learning Aids

A great idea - take Angry Birds and then work through 'angry verbs'. The Autism Helper is a great website to explore- this link will take you to a photographic …

Speaking of Speech

Learning Aids

Speaking of Speech is a highly recommended website in the USA. They have a free area on the site where staff can swap resources in a 'Material Exchange'. Take a …

Talking dice


Screenshot of video: Talking dice

Talking Dice is a unique and creative way to teach language skills to any age and ability. Picture-based, the dice spark conversation in ANY first or second language in …

Letters and sounds

Learning Aids

Bright colourful site that contains some lovely free resources to help support the teaching of early phonic skills.