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KS 4 and Post 16 Social Skills Assessment

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Here is a useful free Self Assessment to help students assess their own personal social skills with a view to moving onto to work or Further Education.

Autism transition toolkit

Learning Aids

From this link you can download a PDF Booklet containing well organised resource/ strategies/ ideas to support all three main stages of tranisiton in a pupil's educational life

Autism Transition Toolkit

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This toolkit is a summary of common issues surrounding transition for young people on the  …

Yr9 and Yr 11 Transition Advice

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This link has good clear advice and will link to further information. Yr 10-11 Your choices in Yr 9, work experiences, where to help and support Options after 16  College or …

Yr 9 Transition Plan Advice

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Yr 9 Transition Plan can be a challenging time for all involved - the Direct Gov website has good clear advice and outlines the key facts you will need to consider.

Down’s Syndrome Further Education Support Pack

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NEW! A comprehensive range of practical advice and information for any front line education professional who is including, or planning to include a pupil with Down's syndrome in college and …


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Welcome to our website! Here you can find detailed information about the access to all kinds of places - hotels, restaurants, colleges, tourist attractions, libraries, hospitals, leisure centres - the …

Way link English

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Practical advice on study skills, including writing and exams.

My Future Choices Magazine

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The Transition Information Network publishes a magazine called my future choices. It's for disabled young people, parents/carers and people who support them. The magazine is packed with articles …

Lost in transition

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This guide is for everyone who is preparing to support their son or daughter with autism or a learning disability through transition.