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MFL games and activities

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Hertfordshire grid for learning have a whole range of games, resources and activities free to download. Look in the following sections; Classroom resources- free Primary resources review- would be suitable …

Chez Mimi Channel 4 resource webpage- french activities and games

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Chez Mimi - Channel 4 resource How good is your French? Join the residents of Chez Mimi who have some great games for you to play to help improve your knowledge …

French- Days of the week game

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Theale Green website has a simple fun game to practice the days of the week.

Little Red Riding Hood in French

External Resources

Little Red Riding Hood told in french - simple animation. 

French activity pack

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This three-part resource provides reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks on weather, clothes, numbers, times on the clock, places in the town, rooms in the house, personal language and animals. …

French- Primary resources - great collection of activities and resources

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Primary Resources is a great sharing website - this link will take you to a large collection of shared resources/ games/ activities.

BBC Primary French

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BBC website offering games to support basic french vocabularly. 

Early Years free subject resources -Brilliant Publications

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Brilliant Publications have some great free resources. Communication, Language and Literacy Songs, chopstick challenge, french words and song, sock puppet, weather and many more Creative Development Autumn, bubble prints, tubescope, …

Great french revision tests online - KS 3 and 4

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Katharine Lady Berkeley School has a web page containing lots of activities to provide online activities to test/ revise your french knowledge.

Talking dice


Screenshot of video: Talking dice

Talking Dice is a unique and creative way to teach language skills to any age and ability. Picture-based, the dice spark conversation in ANY first or second language in …