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Do 2 learn- Fine Motor & writing ideas

Learning Aids

Do 2 learn is a great website with lots of resources in several areas. - Fine Motor advice and long …

How to hold your pencil correctly

Learning Aids

This idea isn't mine, although as a Service we do lots of activities that involve holding small items with 4 th/ 5 th fingers. This idea was posted on Rocks in my …

How to develop pencil grasp

Learning Aids

This link provides a great photographic record of the different ways of holding a pencil.

Stages of hand writing grip development


Screenshot of video: Stages of hand writing grip development

This image was shared on Pininterest on Pam Gannon via Louise Schneider.

Kidzone - free tracing worksheets - good selection

Learning Aids

This link takes you to a lovely selection of tracing worksheets - suitable for students who have SEN or Early Years students.

Pencil grasp reference photo sheet

External Resources

Want to describe a particular pencil grip?- take a look at this link there are some great clear photos to help your annotation.

Handwriting jingles

Learning Aids

This is a simple one sheet resource of verbal prompts to help children learn the motor patterns of letter formation eg. r = down, up,and over a bit     …