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Directional Stages of Writing

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This pack outlines the early developmental stages of writing a child needs to work through to ensure they have fully understood the language linked to directional 'writing'. Ensure all children …

Pencil grasp reference photo sheet

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Want to describe a particular pencil grip?- take a look at this link there are some great clear photos to help your annotation. - Letter formation-/ Letter recognition ideas

Learning Aids is great website with some new ideas to support letter formation. Read more: I really like the following ideas - take …

The Pinch and Flip trick


Screenshot of video: The Pinch and Flip trick

I am always amazed at how many people don't know this- watch this short video and you can teach some children a cool trick, and they will be able to …

Free Pre- Writing Checklist

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 PRE- Writing skills checklist For many years we are found children with SEN practicing writing their name, sometimes they are doing this for months! As a Service we have …