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Precision Teaching x tables 6->10

Lesson Resources

Here are printable resources to make  x times tables cards to use in Precision Teaching. Print them out and laminate to make the resource last longer. You could also …

Precision Teaching x tables 11->12

Lesson Resources

Here you can find Precision Teaching Resources to print out to make Times Tables activity packs.

Precision teaching - Number bonds

Lesson Resources

Here you will find a set of resources to develop students knowledge of Number bonds. This set provides the opportunity to practice Number bonds.

Precision teaching - Number order 0-20 - reverse and mixed order

Lesson Resources

Here is a set of activties that provide the opportunity to practice ordering numbers ->20, and reversing numbers20 ->0.

Precision Teaching - Matching dots to numbers 1-20

Lesson Resources

The ability to be able to look at a collection of dots and name how many is a key skill that underpins many other more complex skills. This set is …