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When I am upset I…...........


Screenshot of video: When I am upset I…...........

This idea was posted on Pininterest in Happy Teacher via Always Learning.

Voice level indicator


Screenshot of video: Voice level indicator

This example of Voice Level indicator was posted on Pinterest by Pam Gannon via Mary Buntenbach-Hastings- I love the 'Spy voice' hopefully it was inspire some !

Do 2 learn - language resources/ symbols/ visual timetable

Learning Aids

Do 2 learn is a great website with lots of resources in several areas. This link takes you to the language resources including functional communication, articulation, expressive, receptive, position, sequence, and …

How to keep your Class quiet? Try Bouncy Balls


Screenshot of video: How to keep your Class quiet? Try Bouncy Balls

This is a great free resource from ICT Magic. Set up on your Whiteboard - if the class is quiet the balls don't bounce !

A range of free Social and Emotional Resources

Learning Aids

Here you will find a range of resources that can be downloaded and used with students to develop their Social/ Emotional Needs. These include; Self esteem Anger management Grief Loss …

How to make a sensory calm down bottle


Screenshot of video: How to make a sensory calm down bottle

Over the next week we will be posting lots of Sensory ideas on the SERC website. To start off I thought you may like these easy to make 'calm down' …

Visual behaviour system


Screenshot of video: Visual behaviour system

This behaviour plan is simple and I am sure effective.  The is a site worth exploring for ideas and activities.

Words hurt, words help

Learning Aids

A visually simple resource to help students understand the impact of hurtful words/phrases.