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Notebook Babies

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Tony Dusko has created these lovely short films that can be used to support social skills activities. Films include; Sharing Left out Don't give up Including others Lunchtime bully

How to prevent sensory based meltdowns !

External Resources

This article has a good practical list of strategies to use to help minimise the effects of over sensitivity to environmental stimuli.

Dr Mac’s Behaviour Site

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A great resource -specific video, advice, podcasts and free lesson plans.

Relaxation activities for KS 1 and KS 2 students

External Resources

10 practical ideas to physically encouarage a student to use to help them relax. Stated for KS1, but I feel you could use with KS2 as well. The 10 activities are practical …

Teasing and bullying social skills kit

Learning Aids

Autism teaching strategies produce good clear resources to support pupil's social skills understanding - this link takes you to resources to support awareness of teasing and bullying.

Worry Cards

Learning Aids

Children with ASD’s deal with a lot of anxiety.  Here is a card-based activity to use with individuals and small groups. It’s designed to help …

Anger Science demonstration of blowing up !

Learning Aids

Anger visually illustrated through this Science experiment.

Fun problem solver for you to make

Learning Aids

I remember making and loving these as a child, and I thought they may appeal to students who are considering social options. Go to the link and scroll down.

A huge collection of Behaviour charts, contracts and rewards for home and school - all ages

External Resources

This site has a large range of contracts, charts etc that can be used for home and school.  Scroll down the page and the different age ranges, types of …

Teaching empathy

Learning Aids Has a great introduction how to use these resources. This link will take you to 22 photo's that can be printed out free and used when …