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Visual stimulation activities - Suitable for PMLD students

Learning Aids

Here you will find some lovely visually stimulation activities that can be operated by switches and suitable for PMLD students, these include; Spots and dots Moving faces Blob Clown Balloons …

Special bites- simple cause and effect games

Learning Aids

Special bites have some great simple cause and effect games that are free to download. These include; Penalty Shoot Out Baseball Baseball and exploding pumpkins



Screenshot of video: Balls

Balls, the iPhone app developed by Ioitic turns the iPhone into a hypnotic electric wind chime, complete with slidable coloured balls.

Pyro Mania


Screenshot of video: Pyro Mania

Pyro Mania is a simple firework app. You can control the speed and direction of the fireworks.You can 'ignite' a firework and watch the explosion. Easy to become fascinated !