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Social Skills Board Game - you can personalise it too

Learning Aids

A great board game you can use to support a range of areas you are workign upon. There are some ready made examples and you can save a blank version …

Early Years Social Skills Activities

External Resources

This website contains some helpful games and activities. Also on this page there are some helpful ideas to support conversation skills 

Voice level indicator


Screenshot of video: Voice level indicator

This example of Voice Level indicator was posted on Pinterest by Pam Gannon via Mary Buntenbach-Hastings- I love the 'Spy voice' hopefully it was inspire some !

When I am upset I…...........


Screenshot of video: When I am upset I…...........

This idea was posted on Pininterest in Happy Teacher via Always Learning.

Seven social skills worksheets for kids with ASD who are socially isolated

Learning Aids

A great free resource to monitor and discuss the amount of time a student can be socially isolated and strategies to support this.

“Worry cards” – Free download card game activity to help kids with ASD deal with anxiety

Learning Aids

Children with ASD’s deal with a lot of anxiety.  Here is a card-based activity to use with individuals and small groups. It’s designed to help …

The Social Express -Hidden social keys


Screenshot of video: The Social Express -Hidden social keys

The Social Express is interactive animated software for children with social learning challenges. The software addresses important social-emotional skills needed to successfully navigate our social world. The social express is …

Upset body worksheet

Learning Aids

A very simple worksheet to enable students to express where there emotions impact upon physical feelings. Good advice how to use this resource. 

Social Skills Awareness - game to support isolation

Learning Aids

Autism Teaching Strategies have produced a board game you can download and play. Social isolation is very common as students grow older - it is a useful tool to use.