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The British Council- Learn English site

Learning Aids

LearnEnglish Kids has lots of free online games,songs, stories and activities for children to have fun and learn English too. It is a really …

Colourful semantic pack- download free

External Resources

This is a great starter pack that will get you started when using Colourful Semantics. Just need to print out, laminate and ideally add velcro to the back.

Makaton Signs - Mr Tumble

External Resources

The link takes you to Mr Tumble signing the makaton signs linekd to the following categories; Action Animals School Mr Tumble clips Shops Toys Transport Weather  Outside Further information …

Priory Woods- simple switch number games

Learning Aids

Priory Woods make great resources for pupils working at relatively early levels. In this section you will find: Ladybird counting game Penalty shout out no 1- 5 10 fat sausages 5 naughty …

Voice level indicator


Screenshot of video: Voice level indicator

This example of Voice Level indicator was posted on Pinterest by Pam Gannon via Mary Buntenbach-Hastings- I love the 'Spy voice' hopefully it was inspire some !

Do 2 learn - language resources/ symbols/ visual timetable

Learning Aids

Do 2 learn is a great website with lots of resources in several areas. This link takes you to the language resources including functional communication, articulation, expressive, receptive, position, sequence, and …

Ms Lane’s SLP Materials

Learning Aids

This is a great free blog for anybody working upon speech and language skills. Neatly organised and lots of free resources to save you hours !

Conversation train

Learning Aids

Joel Shaul has designed this resource to take a student's love of train to help explain the elements that make effective conversation.