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Behaviour Management Top Ten Tips by Gareth D Morewood

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Gareth Morewood is a SENCo at a Secondary Schools in Stockport. He has a useful website for staff working in Secondary Schools- this link takes you to a useful two …

Deep breaths


Screenshot of video: Deep breaths

This great idea was posted on Pininterest on Happy Teacher via Sally Haughey.

Stop calling out !

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What a great idea!This is a very simple idea to stop students from calling /blurting out or you could use the reverse and reward great listening etc I love …

20 ways to keep your students attention

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Great, practical strategies and ideas to pass to staff.

Take five !

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Ricky Morris suggests this slightly different take on 'time out' on his website Ricky explains.................. I created a "Take Five" table for kids that need that time …

Dr Mac’s Behaviour Site

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A great resource -specific video, advice, podcasts and free lesson plans.

EBD students and maths

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An EBD school uses games to engage its students with maths.

Circle of Friends

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Providing a support network for isolated and alienated students