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Learning difficulties online- Study Skills

External Resources

Learning Difficulties online have a good collection of advice and tips for students, staff and parents- well worth a look for up to date advice.

Great example of visual mind mapping

External Resources

This is a beautiful example of Mindmapping using colour, words and a little creativity. 

Organisational resources from Dystalk

External Resources

A great selection of resources to support students who have specific learning/ memory/ organisational difficulties. eg Birthday reminder     Ginger     Learning and organisational app's     Typing …

Remember the milk - reminder /organisational tool - PC/Web/ iphone and android

Learning Aids

A very simple organisational app that can be used upon all commonly used platforms. Most phones have a notepad system on it but this may be a visually clear system …


Learning Aids

ThinkSheet is like a whole lot of 'Post-It' notes you can move around and put in to boxes. The notes are your ideas, your brainstorming and ThinkSheet is smart enough …

How to use a mind map


Screenshot of video: How to use a mind map

A video tutorial on How To Use A Mind Map that will improve your exams skills.