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Tourette Syndrome - types

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of Tourette's Syndrome?

A collection of video’s relating to Tourette Syndrome

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A collection of video's providing information about; Types of tics Living with Tourette Syndrome Tic disorder Diet and drugs TS and children Causes of TS Diagnosis Basic facts

Tourette’s syndrome article- how to help in class

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Article in SEN magazine explaining how to support pupils with Tourette's Syndrome.

Tourette Syndrome- Newsround Summary

Family Resources

A Newsround film about a girl who has Tourette's syndrome.

The Tourette Syndrome Guide

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The Tourette Syndrome Guide provides information relating to; What is Tourette Syndrome? What are the symptoms? How are tics classified? How is TS diagnosed? How is TS treated? What is …

Tourette Syndrome

Related/Variable Conditions

A large collection of resources for Schools/ families and children - Tourettes Syndrome

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Here you will find an extensive pack of resources including; - Resources for children - Resources for Young People  - Resources for Teachers  - Explaining Tourettes to others …

How is Tourettes diagnosed?

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This is a clear webpage from GOSH outlining the features of Tourettes and how it is diagnosed.

Free ready made Presentations for Primary and Secondary School Students

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Action Tourettes has made presentations to be shared with Students and Staff. There is one for Primary, one for Secondary and one for adults.

Me and My Tourettes


Screenshot of video: Me and My Tourettes

Jack is 8 yrs old and explains motor tics