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Motor planning activities for home and school

Learning Aids

A great collection of ideas, including................. Pool noodle tree Angry birds Golf tee balance Feeding pom pom's Big Mouth creature Button push in's Button snake Peg UNO Feed the mouth … -Fine motor ideas

Learning Aids is a great kindergarten website with lots of curriculum /themed ideas. I really like some of the new ideas and good photo evidence of the activities. Under the …

The Autism Helper- Practical fine motor tasks

Learning Aids

I like the ideas found on this site - The Autism Helper is an excellent site and this link provides activities that can be age appropriate for older students.

Therapy Zone- Activities to support Bilateral Integration

External Resources

Therapy Zone is a great resourced website. This link takes you to a collection of activities that you could use in home or at school. These include; Fortune teller Tea …

Peg / colour matching activity


Screenshot of video: Peg / colour matching  activity

Newbridge Outreach uses pegs in a variety of activities to help develop pincer grip/ hand strength. Here is a colour matching activity using pegs. Thanks to