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Smarty Pants

Learning Aids

In Inclusive Smarty Pants, your child gets to choose one of four characters then choose which emotion he wants them to act out. From happy and sad to crazy …

I love fireworks

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With iLoveFireworks, you can create beautiful fireworks display by easy tap operation! Touch on the screen, you immediately see breath taking fireworks in 3D graphics and real sounds.

Sensory based apps for visually impaired students.

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Here you can find a good overview of recommended apps; Glow Colouring  Baby Rattle Cookie Doodle Discover Muscial Instruments Peekaboo barn Art of Glow Cosmic Touch Sound Touch Tap …

Guide Talking Menus

Learning Aids

The worlds first talking menu app created specifically for Blind and VI users.

1 st Operations

Learning Aids

Montessori App- using clear visual counting rods demonstrating addition / subtraction-> 100


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A beautiful interactive realtime fluid dynamics simulation, control fluid flow and stunning colours at the tips of your fingers.


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Designed especially for babies 3 – 18 months old! Made especially for iPad. Search for "Sparkabilities" on the App Store for the complete series of apps available for iPhone and iPad.

Big Launcher VI access app for Android devices

Learning Aids

A fast and simple Android home screen for the elderly and people with vision problems. You can download a free demo to try first.

How to link your whiteboard to a student’s iPad


Screenshot of video: How to link your whiteboard to a student’s iPad

This short video explains how to 'clone' what is on the whiteboard onto an ipad which a student can hold close to their face.