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Eye Can Learn

Learning Aids

Free eye exercises to help improve your visual information process skills: perception, tracking, focussing and eye teaming. 

Visual scanning sheet

Lesson Resources This is a great resource, allowing you to make your own Letter Mash sheet- ideal for scanning practice.

Reading Ruler

Learning Aids

Eye Level Reading rulers are coloured filters that can help overcome glare and tracking problems. Available from Crossbow Education Tel: (0)845 269 7272

Wordsearch generator- make your own free !

Lesson Resources This makes life very easy- simply type in key words, subject specific words etc and this link will generate a Wordsearch free. You …

Generate your own different sized writing paper

External Resources

This site enables you to generate your own writing paper- changing the distance between ascenders/ descenders etc. Simply enter the size in mm you want in the boxes and click …

Handwriting paper

External Resources is a favourite website of SERC. There are lots of free useful printable resources. This link takes you to an option to generate your own handwriting worksheets. …

Visual matching motor activity

External Resources

Here is a simple visual matching motor activity that sounds like great fun.

Vision therapy and Autism

External Resources

An overview of Vision therapy in helping students with Autism (Jackson family).