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CPD materials prepared by Matt Grant

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Matt Grant has a great website HumansNotRobots which is well worth a look.

Under the resource section there are Powerpoints/ handouts/ notes etc- if you are planning CPD sessions it will save you hours- Thank you Matt

Currently there are packs for resources for;

  • Differentiation
  • Readability Guide- Dyslexia/ reading difficulties
  • ADHD Friendly Classroom
  • ASD/ Autism Friendly Classroom
  • Dyslexia Friendly Classroom
  • Causes of Challenging Behaviour
  • VCOP in Secondary School
  • Narrowing the gap
  • Classroom Posters for SEN/ Disability
  • Effective LSA Support in class
  • Challenges and Opportunities in SEN
  • Visual Stress and Visual Processing Difficulties
  • Neurodiversity and Special Educational Needs Poster