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Environmental considerations

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What are the environmental considerations for students who have Spina Bifida?

The higher the lesion the greater the area affected so it is important to establish the position of the lesion.

Pupils with SB will need help to manage mobility & incontinence.

Assisting the pupil with transferring from chair to floor to wheelchair.

Some pupils will have to use a catheter to empty their bladder, focus upon developing independence with this task, pupils often achieve this by 8 / 9 yrs.

Lack of sensation can mean pupils are not aware of pressure sores/ skin damage therefore monitoring of skin on legs and feet is important. Monitor skin condition.

Pupils should be taught to check their bodies for sores/ broken skin.

Avoid a pupil with SB sitting next to heat source such as a radiator as pupils can be unaware if their limb is touching the heat source causing burn or scald.

They should also learn never to sit next to any heat source such as a radiator.

Plan and risk assess all out of school visits.

Pupil may need support when sitting on the floor for a length of time.

Subtle support for care needs, provide space for personal effects in the toilet/ personal bag.