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Epilepsy - Lennox-Gastaut syndrome

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What is Lennox- Gastaut Syndrome?

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome:

  • is one of the most severe forms of childhood epilepsy
  • there is no known cause for @ 1/3 of all cases
  • does not run in families
  • accounts for 10% of all childhood epilepsies
  • seizures normally start between 2- 5 yrs of age, and rarely start after the age of 8
  • does not respond to epileptic drug treatment
  • a child's development is rarely normal before the seizures start
  • can be one of the hardest forms of childhood epilepsy to treat
  • Dr's may consider cutting the corpus Callosum ( the large group of nerve fibres connecting the two halves of the brain) as this can sometimes help, however the seizures can return after a period of time.