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Healthy Hands KS 3 - Homework

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Here you will find the resources you will need to provide homework activities for wk 1- 6 of Healthy Hands KS 3 Programme.

If you require further help and support please contact us at Newbridge Outreach.

We provide free training for staff- please contact us if you would like us to visit your school. We are more than happy for you to use our motor resources but can we ask you to acknowledge where you obtained them from.

The original Healthy Hands Programme was written by Clair Warner over 10 yrs ago, and now several versions later it is used in almost all Redbridge LEA Schools.

Some schools have very established Healthy Hands programmes running, and they report measurable differences to pupil’s physical and learning outcomes. Newbury Park Primary School currently has ‘Healthy Hands’ running at many levels involving over 80 students at a times, the positive outcomes are demonstrated in pupil tracking data. Seeing such an impact upon pupil’s skills , the School has continued to reinvest resources into this area.

We were awarded a ‘Leading Aspect Award’ for our ‘Healthy Hands’ Programme. This has now ben extended to include’ Healthy Hands and Healthy Body’ Programmes.

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