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Hammering & jumping activity


Screenshot of video: Hammering & jumping activity

Here is a simple idea to encourage hand /eye coordination/ two hands working together and larger gross motor skills. I would use a brightly coloured string /washing line to help …

Create, Hide and Lace Activity


Screenshot of video: Create, Hide and Lace Activity - Create, Hide and Lace Activity. This is a fun outdoor activity that encourages fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual skills

How to practice different grasp patterns


Screenshot of video: How to practice different grasp patterns  Practice different grasp patterns using recycled items and small pictures. Download the small images from here:

Tripod Grip Fingertip Dot Markers


Screenshot of video: Tripod Grip Fingertip Dot Markers Make these fingertip dot markers using furniture tips and small sponges from around £1.

Chop stick activities


Screenshot of video: Chop stick activities

Feeding the animals- you could make a similar resource for school or you can buy the games relatively cheaply.

Silly bands activities


Screenshot of video: Silly bands activities

Here are some new ideas for using Silly bands. These rubber bands were all the craze a year or so ago, and now can be found in many Poundshops/ newsagents …

Jingle Bell Maze -


Screenshot of video: Jingle Bell Maze - is a great website for a whole host of ideas and activities. I thought this would be fun to try !