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Number bond activity


Screenshot of video: Number bond activity

Farmer Pete - a Number Fun song by Dave Godfrey that helps children understand Number Bonds to 10.

Dyspraxia awareness film- 5 mins


Screenshot of video: Dyspraxia awareness film- 5 mins

A short film made by the Dyspraxia Foundation  Newbridge Outreach can provide free training related to Dyspraxia Please contact us if you are interested.

Gowers sign


Screenshot of video: Gowers sign

A short 30 sec clip showing you a pupil getting up from the floor in the typical manner for a child with MD. It is called Gower's Sign – well worth …

My Normal Childhood with Cerebral Palsy- Katherine’s Story


Screenshot of video: My Normal Childhood with Cerebral Palsy- Katherine’s Story

Children and young people with cerebral palsy can sometimes feel isolated, different, left out, angry and not understood.Scope's youth group started in late 2009 because our helpline team (Scope Response) …

How to make a sensory calm down bottle


Screenshot of video: How to make a sensory calm down bottle

Over the next week we will be posting lots of Sensory ideas on the SERC website. To start off I thought you may like these easy to make 'calm down' …

Francesca Martinez -Attitudes towards disability


Screenshot of video: Francesca Martinez -Attitudes towards disability

Francesca Martinez is a successful comedian, writer and actor, well known for roles in television series like Grange Hill and Extras. But she says the rawness of stand-up, which allows …

Dyscalculia- Jane Emerson


Screenshot of video: Dyscalculia- Jane Emerson

Jane Emerson provides an introduction into the less well known condition of dyscalculia. She considers the question 'What is dyscalculia' and gives an insight into its symptoms and its effects.

ADHD / ADD simulator


Screenshot of video: ADHD / ADD simulator

This video demonstrates the difficulty level of concentration when someone has ADD/ADHD. This clip is exhausting to watch! - Make sure you use for staff training - a great …

Cri du Chat Syndrome


Screenshot of video: Cri du Chat Syndrome

Cri du Chat awareness video

Muscular dystrophy timeline


Screenshot of video: Muscular dystrophy timeline

A video timeline showing the progression of the disease.