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Pyro Mania


Screenshot of video: Pyro Mania

Pyro Mania is a simple firework app. You can control the speed and direction of the fireworks.You can 'ignite' a firework and watch the explosion. Easy to become fascinated !

Toca Hair Salon


Screenshot of video: Toca Hair Salon

Let your children run their own Toca hair Salon. Cut, colour, comb and blow-dry lifelike hair on six different characters. Using your fingers you can make any hair style you …



Screenshot of video: UZU

This app has been described as amazing and for some the best app ever ! A great sensory app - highly addictive and calming. This video shows you the possibilities of …

Tap Tap ants app


Screenshot of video: Tap Tap ants app

Do you have a good reflex? Do you Love to play tapping games?Lets have a test of your reflexes and tapping speed!Start squashing Ants on Tap Tap Ants …

Toca Tea Party


Screenshot of video: Toca Tea Party

Heres how Toca Tea Party can be a tool for a child with Autism

Explain everything app


Screenshot of video: Explain everything app

This tutorial looks at using Explain Everything as a presenting tool that can be used in may educational contexts from explaining general concepts to giving formal presentation on any topic. …

Sock Puppet app


Screenshot of video: Sock Puppet app

Here is a review of the Sock Puppet app- a great tool to help develop language, communication and story telling.

Art Maker app review


Screenshot of video: Art Maker app review

This is the promotional video for the new ARTMaker App. You can learn more about the app and download at

How to link your whiteboard to a student’s iPad


Screenshot of video: How to link your whiteboard to a student’s iPad

This short video explains how to 'clone' what is on the whiteboard onto an ipad which a student can hold close to their face.