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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder   ( Remove category)

ADHD / ADD simulator


Screenshot of video: ADHD / ADD simulator

This video demonstrates the difficulty level of concentration when someone has ADD/ADHD. This clip is exhausting to watch! - Make sure you use for staff training - a great …

Brain Highway


Screenshot of video: Brain Highway

Introductory Brain Highways video on the effects of poor sensory integration, particularly proprioception.

Dyslexia - Co-occurring conditions - webinar very useful for CPD


Screenshot of video: Dyslexia - Co-occurring conditions - webinar very useful for CPD

In this webinar, Glenys Heap, Dyslexia Action's Director of CPD discusses the key issues related to learning difficulties frequently co-occurring with dyslexia such as dyspraxia, ADHD, etc.

ADHD/ ADD simulation


Screenshot of video: ADHD/ ADD simulation

A short film illustrating difficulties maintaining attention.

Sensory overload awareness film


Screenshot of video: Sensory overload awareness film

An overload of sound, color, movement and effects. This piece it sure to delight as well as stun. It is best listened to a bit louder and NEEDS to be …

Failing at Normal – Jessica McCabe -TED Talk


Screenshot of video: Failing at Normal – Jessica McCabe -TED Talk

Jessica McCabe tell us the story of her life. Once a gifted child with bright future, who later lives a life of a constant failures, because one thing - her …