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Visual Impairment


SEaTSS SUpport students who have a range of Visual Impairment, including students who have no functional vision.

The Service has QTVI staff and a Sensory HTLA to support 

We use technology to support many students and we have our own in house IT assessment service 

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SEaTSS can support students with this condition.

To refer to SEATSS please use this link:


Screenshot for video: How reading looks from the experience of a range of visual impairments

How reading looks from the experience of a range of visual impairments

Thomas Pocklington Trust is delighted to announce the launch of ‘What do we see? 2 – How the world looks to vision impaired children’. Created for professionals who work …

Learning Aids

Large Print Protractor

Large Print Protractor

Available from: Large Print Protractor

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Family Resources

RNIB Shape and Share- Family events and activities


RNIB Autumn Shape and Share online events for families – activities now live 

A series of fun online events for children and young people with VI and their families.  

Join us for infant massage, wacky science, sensory arts, and a parents only ‘night in’ There is also a session for young people to create their own comedy and talent show.



The Royal Society of Blind Children (RSBC) organize social events for blind children. They can also help parents with DLA.