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Mathbase 1,2,3,4,5,6

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Mathbase software has been recommended by SERC for many years.

Simple Numeracy software with small incremental steps is difficult to find. Mathsbase also provides good overlearning and independent use opportunities. We have used Mathbase with many students who have additional needs with great success. THe programmes follow a similar framework, and students dont have too many distractions. Mathsbase can be used at home and school.

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The representation of whole number up to 100 including: dice and domino patterns, counting, reading and spelling number words, tally marks, Roman numerals, place value and estimation. Number bond practise. Multiplication and division tables.

Contains 5 programs


Whole number skills and mental calculation. Includes: finding one more and one less, doubling and halving, squaring and square rooting, ordering, sequencing, rounding, missing number problems and simple equations, place value used in the context of simple calculation, and many exercises on mental addition and subtraction.

Contains 12 programs


The two key skills: counting money and telling time. Topics include: counting money to £10, money amounts expressed in pence or pounds, estimation and equivalent amounts of money, time on analogue and digital clocks, time in figures and words, the 24-hour clock and use of am/pm notation.

Contains 2 programs


Fractional number. Includes: naming fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions, equivalent fractions, fractions as decimals and percentages, fractions of whole numbers, mental addition and subtraction of mixed numbers, and the four rules of fractions.

Contains 12 programs


Aspects of shape, space and measurement. The six programs involve: visual perception, transformations, simple shapes built from unit squares, areas and perimeters, squares and rectangles made from unit squares, the half square, and right-angled triangles.

Contains 5 programs


Further work on whole number. Basic topics are included but there is greater emphasis on multiplication and division: prime numbers, integer division, and multiplication by powers of 10. Programs also deal with how different operations interact such as 'order of operations' and 'expanding brackets'.

Contains 12 programs

Mathbase 1,2,3,4,5 and 6