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Conversation train

Learning Aids

Joel Shaul has designed this resource to take a student's love of train to help explain the elements that make effective conversation.

Sensory equipment ideas

Learning Aids

This blog aims to providing ideas when purchasing sensory toys, fine motor, and oral motor manipulatives, fidgets, and toys to a population of kids and young adults with sensory needs, …

CPD materials prepared by Matt Grant

External Resources

Matt Grant has a great website HumansNotRobots which is well worth a look. Under the resource section there are Powerpoints/ handouts/ notes etc- if you are planning CPD sessions it …

“Worry cards” – Free download card game activity to help kids with ASD deal with anxiety

Learning Aids

Children with ASD’s deal with a lot of anxiety.  Here is a card-based activity to use with individuals and small groups. It’s designed to help …