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Stages of hand writing grip development


Screenshot of video: Stages of hand writing grip development

This image was shared on Pininterest on Pam Gannon via Louise Schneider.

Voice level indicator


Screenshot of video: Voice level indicator

This example of Voice Level indicator was posted on Pinterest by Pam Gannon via Mary Buntenbach-Hastings- I love the 'Spy voice' hopefully it was inspire some !

When I am upset I…...........


Screenshot of video: When I am upset I…...........

This idea was posted on Pininterest in Happy Teacher via Always Learning.

Muscular Dystrophy line drawing


Screenshot of video: Muscular Dystrophy line drawing

A line drawing illustrating the unusual way of walking many of the students develop. Key features include walking with chest out and shoulders positioned backwards.

Mr Potato Head Sequencing


Screenshot of video: Mr Potato Head Sequencing

I like this idea for sequencing using Mr Potato Head although you could use a variety of simple construction toys. Posted on Pinterest by Happy Teacher via  …