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Child Bereavement UK - The Elephants coming to school

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Child Bereavement UK - The Elephants coming to school

Primary schools across the UK are now being invited to sign up for a new awareness campaign which will take place in June 2013. 'Elephant's Tea Party' will enable teachers to equip children with the required life skills to help pipils cope, should anyone they know die. Providing creative exercises, lesson plans and fun activities, it will give school staff the resources to help pupils explore the subject of bereavement in an age-appropriate, straightforward and accessible way, ending with an optional tea party fundraising event for all to enjoy.

The site also offers good information relating to;

  • Child's understanding of death
  • How School's can help
  • Breaking sad news
  • Saying goodbye
  • Terminally ill child at school
  • School policy
  • Lesson Plans
  • Resources

The Child Bereavement - The Elephants coming to School