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Sensory- Wibbly Jellies


Screenshot of video: Sensory- Wibbly Jellies

Sensory Sound is a company that writes bespoke songs for children with mild to profound learning difficulties and is also perfect for early years foundation stage.

Zones of Regulation


Screenshot of video: Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation pack has been created by the Child Therapy Service - to provide an inclusive approach to use with little children.

Autism simulation


Screenshot of video: Autism simulation

This video will give you an idea of what its like to walk down a city/town street when you have autism.

Autism/ Asperger’s simulation video by Christopher Nightingale


Screenshot of video: Autism/ Asperger’s simulation video by Christopher Nightingale

Christopher was 17 yrs old when he made this film. I feel this is a very useful film for School CPD/ general awareness of family members/ friends.

Brain Highway


Screenshot of video: Brain Highway

Introductory Brain Highways video on the effects of poor sensory integration, particularly proprioception.

Number bond activity


Screenshot of video: Number bond activity

Farmer Pete - a Number Fun song by Dave Godfrey that helps children understand Number Bonds to 10.