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Diabetes- school implications

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What are the school implications when supporting diabetic pupils?

  • Pupils have to test blood sugar levels - decide with pupil where is the best place to do this
  • Store sugar kit and emergency kit together and take on all trips outside school grounds
  • Students are encouraged to test their blood sugar themselves as soon as possible
  • If students need to inject Insulin, there needs to be an established place to provide privacy and safe disposal of used items (not a toilet area)
  • Pupils with diabetes should be encouraged to drink water
  • Students may need to use the toilet more frequently, consider position in classroom and a discreet toilet exit card
  • Students may require extra snacks, it is the family's responsibility to provide this and ensure the items are appropriate for use.
  • A care plan needs to be in place and regularly reviewed
  • Extra planning needs to ensure safe inclusion on school trips
  • Record and report food eaten during the day, ensure any dietary requirements are shared with lunch staff
  • Students can become confused / disorientated / aggressive if their sugar level falls too low