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Sensory based apps for visually impaired students.

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Here you can find a good overview of recommended apps; Glow Colouring  Baby Rattle Cookie Doodle Discover Muscial Instruments Peekaboo barn Art of Glow Cosmic Touch Sound Touch Tap …

Flick tunes

External Resources says FlickTunes is "essential — hands down the best way to listen to your music and navigate through your playlist blind simply by using finger gestures." 

A summary of the best magnification app’s

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Very comprehensive overview of the current app's that can be used to magnify.

ViA App Review

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ViA is a new app from Braille Institute that fills a real need for families with children with visual impairments... it helps you find apps that are accessible and appropriate …

Accessible Flashcards

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Study and improve your knowledge using Accessible Flash Cards.A flash card is a card containing information usually on both sides, following the question-and-answer format or term-and-definition. They serve as …