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KNORK- Knife and fork combination

Learning Aids

Designed as a combination knife and fork Flat section between handle and head for good finger pressure Left or right handed use or single handed use Retail packaging Ideal for …

Spreading board with spikes

Learning Aids

Raised edge allows bread to be spread using one hand Includes spikes that are designed to hold vegetables in place Durable plastic construction

Rainbow Splatter Cakes

Learning Aids

Found on Pinterest - these colourful cakes would be great to bake. Using vanilla / white cake mix. Use several plastic (or glass) cups, pouring the cake mix in them, …

Adapted cutlery, plates and cups

Learning Aids

The Disabled Living Foundation is an excellent resource providing helpful advice and information relating to adaptive equipment. This link will take you to clear information with regards to: Cups Plates …

One handled peeler / Gordon peeler

Learning Aids

This useful peeler clamps to a table so that you can peel fruit or vegetables with one hand.

Dycem bottle opener

Learning Aids

Place this handy sized bottle opener on top of stubborn bottle tops and twist to open.

Round scoop dish

Learning Aids

This non-slip scoop dish has a raised edge on one side so that food can be scooped onto a fork allowing you to eat with one hand.


External Resources

They specialise in finding those unusual items, including many specially designed for disabled children with specific needs. Their products are simple solutions to complex problems, and if they don't stock …