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Do 2 learn- Fine Motor & writing ideas

Learning Aids

Do 2 learn is a great website with lots of resources in several areas. - Fine Motor advice and long …

Development of handwriting skills- step by step stages

Lesson Resources

This pack will talk you through step by step when to introduce letters and how to do it.

Directional Stages of Writing

Lesson Resources

This pack outlines the early developmental stages of writing a child needs to work through to ensure they have fully understood the language linked to directional 'writing'. Ensure all children …

How to hold your pencil correctly

Learning Aids

This idea isn't mine, although as a Service we do lots of activities that involve holding small items with 4 th/ 5 th fingers. This idea was posted on Rocks in my …

How to develop pencil grasp

Learning Aids

This link provides a great photographic record of the different ways of holding a pencil.

Stages of hand writing grip development


Screenshot of video: Stages of hand writing grip development

This image was shared on Pininterest on Pam Gannon via Louise Schneider.

Make your own handwriting sheets

Learning Aids

Make your own worksheets - cursive, dots for early formation, different size spaces etc.