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FREE highlight a letter visual perceptual worksheets

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There are 2 activity mats for each letter:-Students cover the focus letter (pictured in the left-hand corner of each mat) throughout the grid. If you don’t have clear, …

Free needs checklists with suggested strategies- a good first point of call for SENCO’s

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The format of this site is a little jumbled but the advice is clear, in a one page summary the site offers: Observable signs of difficutlies the students may have …

Visual matching motor activity

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Here is a simple visual matching motor activity that sounds like great fun.

Handwriting paper

External Resources is a favourite website of SERC. There are lots of free useful printable resources. This link takes you to an option to generate your own handwriting worksheets. …

BABO - British Association of Behavioural Optometrists

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The NHS no longer offer this service routinely, however BABO will signpost you to a local provider should you wish to pursue this therapy. The British Association of Behavioural …

Activities to develop visual motor skills

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Here you will find a list of activities to develop; * Hand eye coordination * Visual scanning  * Visual spatial skills * Visual discrimination * Visual closure  * Visual figure ground