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Eye Can Learn

Learning Aids

Free eye exercises to help improve your visual information process skills: perception, tracking, focussing and eye teaming. 

Visual scanning sheet

Lesson Resources This is a great resource, allowing you to make your own Letter Mash sheet- ideal for scanning practice.  

FREE highlight a letter visual perceptual worksheets

External Resources

There are 2 activity mats for each letter:-Students cover the focus letter (pictured in the left-hand corner of each mat) throughout the grid. If you don’t have clear, …

Printable writing paper

Learning Aids

A large selection of writing paper free to download from this link. Large lined writing paper Small lined writing paper 3/4'' lines vertical 3/4'' lines horizontal 3/4'' Lines and colouring …

Visual motor bingo

Lesson Resources

Here are the game boards for Visual Motor Bingo I laminated the boards so they could be reused.

Early Years / very simple visual perception resources - free to print out and laminate

Learning Aids

Free resources to develop visual perception skills - suitable for early years students or students working at P Levels. These include: Car colour matching Leaf matching Transportation same / different cards …

Little Things App


Screenshot of video: Little Things App

A variety of complex pictures.............................can you find the hidden objects?

Reading Ruler

Learning Aids

Eye Level Reading rulers are coloured filters that can help overcome glare and tracking problems. Available from Crossbow Education Tel: (0)845 269 7272

Shape Builder App


Screenshot of video: Shape Builder App

Shape Builder educates and entertains preschoolers with easy to move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. Each puzzle has 5 to 10 pieces and after positioning all of …